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Schatz 400 Day Anniversary Clock

This is an interesting  and very rare 400 day Schatz signed nickel finish anniversary clock, made in Germany in March, 1953.   It measures 12 x 7 inches, with a signed 4 inch diameter porcelain dial.   Movement is signed by Jahresuhrenfabrik, Germany.   It keeps correct time and is a beautiful clock,  with its perfect 11 inch blown glass dome.  $395   SOLD!

Schatz Anniversary Clock


This is a very rare Schatz 400 Day Anniversary clock in beautiful nickel plate that is in perfect working condition.  It has a torsion type pendulum composed of four suspended balls from a delicate suspension spring that allows the pendulum to rotate back and forth under the slight impetus of the mainspring.  The mainspring has to be wound only once per year, thus it is called an Anniversary clock.  

It has an original glass dome that protects the pendulum from any air disturbance.  The clock works are marked "3 53" which indicates a manufacture date of March, 1953 in Germany. 

The clock face has the Schatz logo that stands for August Schatz & Sohne.  Jahresuhrenfabrik (Year Clock Factory) was one of the most successful, and the longest running anniversary clockmakers. Headed by August Schatz, they began making clocks in 1881, continuing with interruptions during WWI and WWII, (and changing their name to August Schatz & Sohne) until the late 1970‘s.  The company ceased operation in 1985.

This clock is available for sale, with local delivery only.  I will personally deliver the clock to your home and set it up for you so it keeps the correct time.  It does have a delicate suspension spring supporting the pendulum that requires special care.  The glass dome is delicate as well.  In order to work properly the clock must be set up so that it is level.  Mainspring winding key included.  Price is $395.

Contact Jim Kotis at (251) 342-6111 to purchase this fine timepiece.  

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