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SSimple Hacks to Create a Healthier Living Environment

We learned in 2020 that our homes are supposed to be our sanctuaries. And even with the pandemic waning in many areas of the country, most people are still spending more time at home than they were before COVID-19 hit our shores.

With that in mind, don’t you think your home should be as safe and comfortable as possible? Shouldn’t it serve as a supportive environment for your healthy habits and aspirations?

If it’s time to make some healthy changes, check out these practical home refreshing tips from Kotis Furniture Refinishing!

Clean Your Furniture   

You might be surprised by how many allergens and toxins circulating throughout your home come from your furniture.  As your first home refresh project, clean all of your furniture pieces with green cleaning products, which will create a healthier living environment and boost the appeal of the interior. If you come across a stain that you can’t remove, you might want to hire an upholstery cleaner.

Fortunately, you can easily connect with local professionals by searching online for “professional furniture cleaning near me.” Take time to compare the different companies in your area by assessing their customer reviews, delivery times, and rates. Then, request referrals from happy customers and get an estimate from a few different companies. And be sure to avoid hiring someone who uses all-purpose cleaning equipment.

Restore Your Furniture     


If you thoroughly clean your furniture and you still are not happy

with it, you have a couple of options:


  1. Invest in replacing your pieces with new ones.

  2. Have your pieces restored by professionals.


If you love your furniture, but it just needs a little TLC, consider restoring it. Along with saving you money, older furniture is often of higher quality than many modern products you will find. Plus, restoring your antique bedroom and dining room furniture can enable you to keep your home unique. It can even benefit the environment since you are not adding any waste to the landfill.


If you determine that you want to repair or refinish your existing dressers, nightstands, tables, or bed frames, connect with a reputable company like Kotis Furniture Refinishing. We will restore the structural integrity of all your pieces and bring out all the best qualities that they presented in their glory days!

Carve Out a Self-Care Spot   


Next, make sure you have a place in your home that supports your self-care routine. This can be as simple as making a space for yoga, meditation, or reading. Or it could be as involved as building a home gym complete with a treadmill and power rack.


The key is to ensure that your home fosters your overall health and wellness goals. Consider your budget and square footage, and create a space that facilitates healthy activities and relaxation methods. If you want to take it to the next level, figure out how to make an outdoor living area (or upgrade your existing one) so that you can reel in the benefits of sunshine and nature!

Clean Regularly


Lastly, think about simple ways you can maintain the cleanliness of your living environment. Change your air filters regularly, take time to deep clean each room in your home, and keep the clutter to a minimum. You may even be able to make a few extra bucks by selling some of your unwanted items online!


Now more than ever, you need your home to serve as a healthy and relaxing oasis. Consider cleaning all of your furniture and restoring any pieces that need it. Make sure you have a space in your home that supports your self-care routines and goals. And commit to cleaning your living environment regularly so that you can enjoy it each day with peace of mind knowing that it is promoting health and wellness for your household.



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Image via Pexels

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